Who We Are

We Organize for the Common Good

Broad-based: The Bay Area IAF is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the nation’s oldest and largest leadership development and organizing network. The IAF bases its work on the idea that a healthy democracy requires the active participation of ordinary people. The Bay Area IAF is a broad-based network of local institutions—faith-based, non-profit, educational, labor, and civic organizations—that come together to develop leaders, identify shared issues affecting our communities, and take action around these issues. Member institutions pay dues to ensure that Bay Area IAF has a secure and independent core budget, and is primarily accountable to its own constituents.

Non-partisan and multi-issue:The Bay Area IAF is strictly non-partisan and is multi-issue. Our member institutions work together to develop our local agendas by engaging constituents, both within and across our institutions, in conversations about the issues affecting their families, neighborhoods and communities. By joining with other institutions that have similar goals and concerns, Bay Area IAF members increase their collective power and work to achieve victories on local and regional issues.

The Bay Area IAF includes the Bay Area Organizing Committee (BAOC), the Marin Organizing Committee (MOC), Common Ground in Solano and Napa Counties, and the Broad-Based Sponsoring Committee in the Silicon Valley.

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Liz Hall
Lead Organizer
(415) 563-0262